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5 Reasons to Remove A Tree


Although we’re in the business of removing trees, it’s not always our first recommendation. Homeowners can sometimes be overzealous when it comes to tree removal. It’s our job to preserve trees at all cost. After all, we can’t live without them.

If you’re questioning whether a tree is worth saving, call a professional before attempting to do any major pruning or removal. There are situations, however, where removal is the only option for preserving the surrounding environment.


Here are 5 reasons it’s appropriate to remove a tree.


  1. A tree poses a fall risk


As trees grow older and larger they become the risk of falling increases. When these trees are planted close to homes, they pose a direct threat to human life and expensive property.

Heavy snow and strong storms can cause large limbs to fall on or penetrate roofs. If the limb cannot be trimmed without killing the tree (the bigger the limb, the bigger the wound) it is probably time to remove the tree.

Exposed root systems and severely leaning trees are signs that a tree poses a fall risk. These trees may be candidates for bracing or cabling so call a professional for an inspection.



  • A tree is dead or dying


    No one really expects you to keep a dead tree around. Trees that died or are dying of disease can spread the disease to other healthy plants and trees. In addition to being an unsightly and dangerous fall risk, dead trees attract pests like rats and termites that can get into your home.



    • A tree repeatedly causes structural damage


      We say “repeatedly” because although tree roots are known to destroy pipes, foundations, and sidewalks there are ways to prevent structural damage. Copper sulfate, barriers, and planting the right kinds of trees are ways to avoid these situations.

      There are cases, however, in which a tree is a repeat offender and the monetary loss of repair doesn’t justify the preservation of the tree. We suggest homeowners look into alternative preventative measures before removing a healthy tree.



      • A tree is infested


        Unfortunately, it’s predicted that the Emerald Ash Borer will survive this year’s harsh Indiana winter….somehow. EAB and other invasive species continue to devastate tree populations around the country, but experts are encouraging people to continue treating their trees.

        In many cases, infested trees are beyond saving, pose a threat to the health of other trees, and need to be removed. A professional arborist is the best resource to determine whether a treatment or removal plan is best.



        • A tree compromises your quality of life


          This is one of the touchier subjects surrounding tree removal. Quality of life is subjective. Some homeowners justify removing a tree for aesthetic reasons, because it’s blocking a view, for solar panel use, or to make room for new construction. All of these reasons can be justified and are on the conscience of each individual.


Scott Dickson
Owner, Branch Mgmt.
Mar 13th, 2019
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